Startup Ohrid

We are the first formal association of Startup Ohrid community which includes companies, associations, institutions, meetups, and individuals.

Startup Ohrid is an independent private non-profit association that connects, supports and represents local startup/tech community with a mission to promote the City of Ohrid, the region and Macedonia as an attractive startup/business/tech hub offering lucrative investment and development opportunities that generate employment, innovation and growth.We are the gateway and the platform for an active participation in the ecosystem. We create connections and make startups visible. We catalyze innovation within corporations. We promote entrepreneurship. We attract investment. We create, retain and promote talent. We focus and empower the ecosystem.

Short history of Startup Ohrid

Since 2013 this initiative, from which Startup Ohrid association and Ohrid Tech City brand generated from, today gathers and connects local and regional IT/Tech talents, industry experts, freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, companies, associations and institutions.

More than 100 meetups, lectures, and other educational and networking events that were held so far have connected over 100 individual members and companies.

Startup Ohrid and Ohrid Tech City brand is not just a crowning achievement of the joint community effort, but also a tangible move towards further development of Ohrid’s tech scene, its local talent and knowledge and a stepping stone for succesful launching of local champions on international markets.

Ohrid– the city where

business, technology, innovation

and tourism thrive



To connect and represent members of the local tech community and those who wish to support the one;

To promote entrepreneurial culture and develop sustainable local startup & innovation eco-system that fosters innovation and growth;

Influence local mindset change by raising awareness and creating opportunities;

Encourage the development of startups and innovative tech projects that have global ambitions and potential;

Empower young people and talents to acquire skills for in-demand “professions of the future“ and raise their awareness for entrepreneurship, technology, science, innovation, creative industries, self-employment, internship and volunteering practice.

Create conditions and opportunities for young people to stay and pursue their careers in Ohrid, by incouraging active collaboration and joint projects between the academia, companies (industry), institutions and other members from local community.

Continuously promote Ohrid’s tech and startup eco-system and provide promotion and media coverage to all local and regional success stories;

Promotion of the City of Ohrid, the region and Macedonia as an attractive business destination for high-return investments and development of high- tech start-up companies and state of the art technologies.

Positioning City of Ohrid, the region and Macedonia on the map of rising startup/tech hubs in New Europe.


Riste Mishe

President | Co-founder

Onur Ago

IT Support , Developer | Co-founder

Milosh Gjuroski

Visual and Product Designer | Co-Founder


Riste Mishe

President | Co-founder

Milosh Gjuroski

Freelancer | Visual and Product Designer | Co-Founder

Our Objectives

Boosting Innovation

Retain, motivate and attract innovative projects and enable their consolidation and expansion, based on the concentration of digital or technological initiatives, existing today.

Boosting Innovation

Retain, motivate and attract innovative projects and enable their consolidation and expansion, based on the concentration of digital or technological initiatives, existing today.

Our Manifesto

Startups physical concentration.

Attraction, training and retention of qualified talent.

Investment attraction.

Retention of consolidated startups.

Recognition and visibility as an international hub.

Recognition as a sector.

Public-private connection.

Knowledge transfer to other sectors.

Early education in entrepreneurship and stem skills.

Promotion of technology startups led by women.


How Do We Do?

Community & knowledge & strategic projects

We generate and share knowledge. We organize activities and events to foster mutual learning within the ecosystem. We promote sector-specific work groups to face the challenges of technological, social and economic transformation. We connect talent. We give visibility to innovative projects and we create an international network of ambassadors. We promote Open Innovation projects. We have a massive database of the innovative companies that are part of our ecosystem.


Membership in the Startup Ohrid community is intended for all individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, companies and institutions who are active within the Ohrid startup/tech ecosystem, international partners and anyone else who supports its development. We also invite other individuals and partners who work in the startup ecosystem, such as:



Corporates and Multinationals

Universities and training centers

Scientific,Innovation or R&D centers




Co-creators of corporate-startup programmes

Advisors within support networks and support environments

Creators of positive stories in the media

Supporters/Sponsors/Donors/Philanthr opists supporting initiatives, activities,events and projects within the startup ecosystem

Creators and implementers of government policies within ministries, agencies

Funds and institutions

Join US or Support our community

You liked what we’re doing and want to support or join us? You are at the right place! Just explore the opportunities, chose your way of contribution or community role and join in.


Support or collaborate with one of Ohrid’s startups.


Contribute to or become a partner with one of Ohrid’s IT companies.


Hire or Partner with some of our highly skilled Individuals.


Or help our Association out by organizing an event together with us or through partnership and sponsorship.

If you have any different ideas for collaboration – we’re always open for suggestions!